Hang on.

I take it all back

. This has just become the most exciting week EVER!

Keanu Reeves is reportedly reprising one of his only believable roles to date... that of Theodore Logan. Twelve years after the release of the film that propelled him to stardom, Reeves is finally returning to his roots. Who is making these wild claims?! Ah... Alex Winter.

Who's Alex Winter? He played Bill. His biggest role to date. Apart from portraying a 'TV Gangster' in The Borrowers. And a 'Subway Passenger' in something called Fever. Oh, and there was that one off appearance in Bones. And who can ignore his recurring voiceover role as King Mole Man...

Anyway, according to fiercely regarded website Ain't It Cool News *tumbleweeds*, Alex "let slip about their plans during a Q&A session in Los Angeles (there are no details as to why or exactly where this "session" took place, but let's assume it involved a bedsit in Compton and a ropey internet connection. And possibly the presence of some hallucinogenics)... He reportedly said that he, Reeves, and the film's original writer Ed Solomon had been 'kicking ideas around' according to 'an attendee' at the film event. The project's future depends on finding a story that that (yep, they have two of them in there) is 'worthwhile'."

Given Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and their Bogus Journey, define "worthwhile..."