Well done Brendan O'Connor, you've made it into the 3am section of The Mirror online. Yep, people all over the UK are reading your name! To think ex Big Brother fodder had the power to do that for you, quite amazing.

For those of you who sat in on Saturday (I did too, finally got round to watching The Kids Are Alright) and subjected yourselves to The Saturday Night Show, you would've seen Alex Reid propose to Chantelle Houghton on live Irish television - 'cause bugger all people give a sh*t about them in England anymore.

The Mirror reports: "Appearing on The Saturday Night Show in Ireland, the pair were talking about trying for a baby with IVF treatment (after dating for a whole 7 months) when the host Brendan O'Connor started insisting that Alex should propose. We're not really sure why Brendan got this idea into his head - maybe he and Alex decided they both needed the self promotion before the show - but Alex got down on one knee nonetheless. If Brendan the telly man jumped off a bridge, Alex would jump off too."

To be honest, they'd probably hold hands and jump together; it's not often that Brendan gets someone not affiliated to RTE to appear on his show - and they're from England, no less! The reality of the matter was that Chantelle instructed him to propose on live TV before they got on the flight. Observe what a good actress she is in the video footage of the rosemantic event.

Alex said: 'We're in Dublin (for some reason. Oh yeah, 'cause they don't give a sh*t about us at home anymore). I haven't got a ring, but you know what, I'm going to do it. Seriously, nobody tell anyone! Will you marry me?'"

Chantelle of course obliged. Sure what else would she be doing.

Alex later Tweeted: "@chantellehought = future wife and queen empress goddess of my/our empire! Behind every good man is a strong powerful woman! Hail Mrs Reid."

There are many lessons to be learned here. The most striking one, however, is that - if you do find yourself sitting in on a Saturday night in Ireland, it's best to get a DVD.