Alex Reid has been arrested. For acting the goat outside his own home. Well, his part time home. Sometimes he goes and lives with his mummy for  few weeks. Like when his newborn daughter is brought home.

Police were called to a disturbance at the home in Essex he shares with Chantelle Houghton - with who he has daughter Dolly - in the early hours of this morning (05.09.12) and he is currently in police custody "on suspicion of criminal damage and using violence to secure entry".

A spokesperson for the Essex Police told MailOnline: "Police were contacted just before 1.30am this morning with reports of a disturbance at a property in Spital Lane, Brentwood. A 37-year old man from Brentwood was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and using violence to secure entry, and is currently in police custody."

Police were pictured leaving the property this morning and Chantelle's mother was seen entering.

Alex recently confessed he had made "bad mistakes" throughout his relationship with Chantelle. Here's another one he can add to his list.

At the time, he said: "I'm doing everything in my power to make it work. I've made bad mistakes and choices. I love both of my girls with all my heart, they're my life. It does make me sad because I'm a good guy. We were talking about getting married the other day. We were talking about getting another house."

That would be handy, you could kick the door in on the new one, instead of freaking the skit out of a young mother and her newborn. Stay classy, Alex.

>Alex Reid was 'screaming' before arrest.