The founder of Infowars and peddler of outlandish conspiracy theories (a disturbing one is that he believes the Sandy Hook shooting, where 20 children and 6 adults were brutally killed, is fake) Alex Jones has gotten fierce aggressive with Alec Baldwin - challenging him to a scrap.

In the video Jones' spews “Alec Baldwin thinks he is a tough guy. I challenge him a million dollars to the charity he wants, to get in the ring with me, bare knuckle. I will, I’ll do it right now. I’ll get in the ring with you and I will break your jaw, I will knock your teeth out, I will break your nose, and I will break your neck. You coward, you think you’re a tough guy, messing with little cameramen people”

The below video is not a piss take. As a matter of fact, Donald Trump has called into this man's show before and said he would not "let him down."


This is the American President on Jones' show

Via Uproxx