When someone brings you to trial for stalking, and accuses you of essentially being batsh*t crazy, it might be best not to prove them right by repeatedly roaring your head off during said trial - so much so that you end up getting arrested for contempt of court. That wouldn't be one of your better ideas. Although, she seems happy, and that's the main thing. Not that she's enjoying the media attention or anything.

Alec Baldwin's accused stalker has been ordered to spend 30 days behind bars for contempt of court after continually interrupting proceedings in her ongoing trial. The French Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin is currently facing charges of bombarding the 55-year-old actor with emails and voice mails, and making rather unwelcome visits to his NYC homes (yes, plural) after enjoying reportedly one meal with him in 2010.

Baldwin denied ever engaging in a romantic relationship with Sabourin during testimony in Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday and called her alleged pestering "nightmarish" as he broke down on the stand. Real tears, and everything.

His claims prompted a number of outbursts from the 41-year-old suspect, who loudly accused the actor of "lying" on multiple occasions. Judge Robert Mandelbaum ordered her to stay quiet and threatened to hold her in contempt of court for her actions, before she was bundled out of the courtroom by her lawyer, Todd Spodek. When she returned to court yesterday, she was marched off to jail after disobeying  Mandelbaum's warnings by interrupting her own attorney. Wise.

In another twist, movie producer Martin Bregman has also accused Baldwin of lying under oath after the actor told the court he only met Sabourin for dinner as a favour to the veteran filmmaker, who had reportedly been having an affair with the woman. The former 30 Rock star, amidst the aforementioned real tears, claimed 41-year-old Sabourin was the married Scarface producer's longtime mistress - an allegation that stunned Bregman and prompted him to speak out to the New York Daily News.

He says, "He's lying... To sidestep any involvement with (Sabourin), he made up a report." Branding the move "pretty stupid", he added, "I'm 87 years old and that (reports of an affair with younger woman Sabourin) is very flattering, but that's all it is."

Tuesday's court proceedings also featured testimony from Baldwin's missus Hilaria, who told the court she once tried to reason with Sabourin over the phone in a bid to persuade her to leave the couple alone. Recalling the conversation, Hilaria, who wed Baldwin last year, said, "She starts shrieking at me, 'You b**ch! You b**tch! You b**ch! You b**ch!' Over and over again."

Yeah, that's very interesting, Hilaria, but I'm more interested in the buggy you have there. It's been a recent preoccupation of mine. This one's... interesting, in a Homer Simpson's nuclear power plant helmet sporting a pair of Beats kind of way. Reasonably priced much? And while you're there, how's Alec dealing with fatherhood of late? His bags are nearly screaming down to his knees.