Alec Baldwin really just doesn't like other people now does he. Once again, he's been reportedly involved in a scuffle with members of the press, this time a New York Post reporter and her photographer, with both Baldwin and the reporter having now filed harassment complaints against one another. And he went on a Twitter rant because of course he did.

It all went down yesterday morning when the reporter, Tara Palmieri, and her photographer approached Baldwin as he was out walking his dog to ask about a lawsuit being mad against his new wife. She's alleging that Baldwin grabbed her arm and told her he wanted her to 'choke to death', before calling the photographer all sorts of horribly racist things. It got so heated that police were called in to smooth things over before Baldwin went on a Twitter rant

Baldwin's version of events wildly differs, so it's very much a case of he said/she said, with Baldwin telling Gothamist that he was goaded into reacting to the photographer after he purposely shouldered him and was aggressive towards him. It's hard to know who's telling the truth here, as Baldwin has a history of lashing out, but at the same time, the New York Post is the New York Post after all. But by Baldwin's standards, 'Even for the Post, this is a new low.'