Oh Alec. Jack Donaghy you are not.

Baldwin was involved in a fracas with a paparazzo after the photographer tried to snap photos of Baldwin and his wife Hilaria just days after she gave birth to their daughter Carmen Gabriela.

According to reports from TMZ and the New York Daily News, Alec and Hilaria were walking through New York's Greenwich Village today when the incident occurred. Apparently paparazzi are desperate to get the first photos of Hilaria post-pregnancy, and sources who saw what went down say that the pap 'instigated and harassed' her by following her into a shop, which resulted in Baldwin grabbing him and pinning him to a car while other paps snapped on.

The cops were then called and apparently questioned both Baldwin and the paparazzo, with a rep then telling TMZ that both parties admitted to shoving each other but neither is pressing charges.

And then how did Baldwin react? He tweeted a link to the Wikipedia page of America's controversial 'Stand Your Ground' law.

Badass, or batshit?