Ah, sweet sixteen. What better way to mark that special year than getting knocked up and married?! Just imagine life in ten years time when you're the ripe old age of 26 - your kid will be starting to eye up the opposite sex and you'll still have a super-hot crush on your husband, neither of you will have any urges to stray, things couldn't be more swell! If you need further convincing, just keep a peeper on Jamie-Lynn Spears' life progress - she's reportedly marrying her long-term boyfriend and (alleged) father of her womb fodder, Casey Aldridge. A handy source told People.com: "She's got an engagement ring. She's been showing it off, talking about it." It is not known whether Jamie-Lynn plans to marry before the birth of her baby boy this summer. In all seriousness; having to commit to a little baby for the rest of your life at 16 is enough excitement for one year.