Our heart truly goes out to Darryl Reilly.

The Castlebar, Co. Mayo, native has been through the wringer, but it wouldn't be right for us to tell you the story, you're better of hearing this tragic tale of woe from the horse's mouth, so we'll leave you in the hands of Darryl and his initial Facebook post.

A shocking story. We're sorry you had to read that, it's more than likely ruined your weekend, if not your entire month. 

But thankfully the story doesn't end there. Aldi, not wanting to have their great customer service reputation ruined, quickly responded in great fashion.

Now that's what we call service. And staying true to their word, that's exactly what they. Here's the delivery, so all's well that ends well. Enjoy the biscuits, Darryl, and go easy on the sugar.

Via Metro