If you thought Vardygate had run its course, think again - because it's not only not going away, but now, actual celebrities are getting in on the juice.

To be fair to Paul Rudd, he's being very polite in this video in not immediately nodding off in the middle of Aisling Bea's impassioned explanation of what's become known as 'Vardygate'.

Maybe it's just that Rudd doesn't have the context of WAGs and their place in British and Irish pop culture, or maybe he's just trying to assess how this correlates to the footballing career of Jamie Vardy, such as it is.

Fair play to Aisling Bea, though, if this whole comedy / acting career doesn't take off for her, she could easily find herself a job working for entertainment websites such as ours briefing celebrities on fellow celebrity stories such as this.

People would watch that, right? Of course they would. Just look at all the retweets NME got from their interview video here.