There's little point in even attempting a back story. This is just me unashamedly posting pictures of David Beckham in his manties. Jaysis, he's really raised the bar too - what's Victoria going to do next?! Her last Armani shoot saw her gleaming in undies, with "her" hair knotted into a long plait. It's like David's now gone: "You call that a rope? THIS is a rope *flings limb around*. And as for these abs *twirls*. Victoria will probably peel her skin off next, while pulling out some unfeasible yoga move.

There are a few pictures I'm fond of in this gallery. Namely this one. And this one. But it's this one, highlighting just how much the flock have lost their way, which is most poignant... *strokes chin* Yeeeah, doesn't matter what angle I take, it's still a blantant excuse to post pictures of David Beckham's package.

Upon its debut outside Selfridges on Oxford Street, David mumbled: "When it's unveiled, it's a little embarrassing." Yeeeah, especially with yer ma there.