OK, God....OK, today's news in a nutshell: Alex Reid declares he's finally dating a classy woman (Chantelle 'PR Stunt Enthusiast' Houghton); more stories about Kerry Katona's pending homelessness; the story about Karen Gillan roaming a corridor naked (which I mentioned yesterday, highlighted in Rumours); Abbey Clancy's got her underboobs out for Esquire, and pictures of posh people staring at balls in Wimbledon.

Now I bet you're welcoming this story regarding the fate of ITV's morning show with various limbs akimbo, aren't you? Here goes; it's been well documented that Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley haven't been getting in the numbers. In fact, they're luring in approximately 200,000 less pairs of peepers than GMTV, the show they replaced. It gets better; rival show BBC Breakfast has twice the amount of viewers. How many viewers are Chiles and Bleakley currently rustling up? Oh, in the region of 700,000. Good work, guys.

Now there's talk of shunting them about the schedule to an evening slot, so they can - you've guessed it - take on the show they used to host so well, BBC1's One Show. Why don't they just get rid of them instead? Well, they can't, some bright spark (Peter Fincham) thought it'd be a great idea to lock Adrian and Christine to ITV for a £3million 3 year deal.

Some well perched yapper offered: "Using lesser known faces could well be the key. As we’ve learned from experiences on TV-am and GMTV, and now with Daybreak, parachuting in big stars with a huge fanfare isn't popular. In fact, it’s a recipe for disaster... BBC Breakfast is doing really well because it gives people what they want in the mornings - the news. The good thing for us is they're about to shoot themselves in the foot by shifting their very successful show up to Manchester, losing half the production team, several presenters and very possibly most of their guests. This is the perfect time to revamp Daybreak and take them on."

What's Daybreak? It's the name of Christine and Adrian's breakfast show on ITV. I know it's not very interesting but please try to keep up, or at the very least stay awa - zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz.....