Indeed, one of today's top stories involves Adele using a voice-generating app to help her not talk as much after her throat surgery.

The crooner has been ordered to rest her throat since having an operation to fix her bleedin' vocal chords (feel free to take that literally) in Boston earlier this month. But according to The Sun, the chatty 23-year-old (yep, only 23) - who is currently worth £7.6million - has found a new way to communicate using an app that reads out messages that she types in to the phone - In case you hadn't gleaned that information from the previous few lines all ready. Filler much?

A source said, "She's been using the speaking app to buy coffee at Starbucks and to order cabs. It is far easier to communicate using it rather than writing everything down on paper and showing people."

Adele said "I haaa-ayve absaah-lutely no cho-oice but to recuuu-poohr-aaayte prop-er-ly and ful-ly, or I risk dam-aging my vo-ice for-ever."

Considering that voice has made her the 16th richest person in the UK under 30, she'd be right to get busy with any aids going. I trust she's given up the fags also. Maybe there's an app that can release small doses of nicotine into the bloodstream via your fingertips and make you smell of like the inside of a dodgy taxi.