Poor Adele is bricking it so much about having to perform at this Sunday's Oscars that she's having to go and get something called breathing therapy to help her beat stage fright. You think with all her millions of pounds and countless awards she wouldn't be intimidated, but then again she is only 24 years old, which still blows the mind.

Making her return to the stage for the first time since giving birth, the new mama has undergone special Chinese Qi Gong breathing therapy after being recommended by fellow singer Robbie Williams' wife Ayda Field. Oh, yeah, that's who Adele is hanging out with these days. Apparently Robbie lives just down the road from her while she's staying in Paul McCartney's house pre-Oscars. Your casual set up.

According to the Daily Star, 'Adele has suffered with terrible stage fright since she was 16, but now it's worse than ever. She knows all eyes are on her after almost a year out of the spotlight, so she needed something to help her with it. Ayda was the first person to tell Adele about Belly Breathing, and how it had helped Robbie overcome his performing anxiety in recent years.'

Adele is set to perform her James Bond theme song 'Skyfall' during a special tribute to the British spy franchise, and is also nominated for an award for it in the Best Song category. Pretty sure she's going to walk away with it. Then all she needs to do is bang out a musical for a Tony and get herself an Emmy for some Audience With programme and she'll be an EGOT.