Apart from winning awards, not wearing black for once and telling Chris Brown what she really thinks of him (hopefully), Adele also chose to debut her newest tattoo. The cursive capital 'A' behind her right ear is thought to be in honour of her baba Angelo.

She actually hasn't officially said that's his name yet, nor has she commented on the tattoo or it's significance, but she was spotted wearing an 'Angelo' necklace recently so unless she's starting a viral campaign for a new album, we're going to go with it being the name of her son. 'Insiders' have said that the full name is Angelo James Konecki, so does that mean wedding bells on the horizon for Adele, what with the lack of Adkins in wee Angelo's name?

Adele's one and only award at last night's Grammy's was Best Solo Pop Performance for Set Fire to the Rain, which makes a big change from last year when she could barely hold all six of her awards. But still, one Grammy is better than no Grammy.