Now if only the rest of us could bottle up our old relationships and heartbreak and shell them out. Admittedly, it probably wouldn't sound as pleasant, but it's worked for Adele so far, seeing as she now worth a reported £15 million.

Thanks to songs like 'Someone Like You', which we're all guilty of having a little pity party to every now and then, Adele is pulling in £41,000 a day, according to accounts for the 24-year-old's company Melted Stone Ltd, which show she has £10.3 million in the bank and a further £4.6 million due in royalties. She must get a right laugh when she logs into her internet banking. What does that many zeroes even look like?

Her huge fortune is down to the phenomenal success of her second album '21', which has sold 25 million copies worldwide, outselling her debut '19' three times over. The singer's accounts were worth £341,000 last year before her music took off in America. That is quite a jump.

At least she's being relatively sensible with it all, doing what most people would do if they suddenly found themselves swimming in money Scrooge McDuck style. She recently splashed out £600,000 to buy her hardworking single mother Penny Adkins a plush new pad in Notting Hill, west London, as a thank you for working two jobs to support her when she was growing up.

Adele - who lives in a ten-bedroom mansion in Surrey with her fiancé Simon Konecki and her four-month-old son Angelo James - is currently renting Sir Paul McCartney's old Los Angeles mansion for £47,000 a month while she rehearses for the Oscars. She is due to serenade the crowd with hit song 'Skyfall' as part of the 50th anniversary James Bond celebrations on February 24 and is said to be extremely anxious about her performance. It's only the biggest award ceremony on the planet sure.