For those of you who don't know, Adele isn't just a fantastic singer, performer and and personality. She is also awe-inspiring when it comes to costumes.

One Halloween, she dressed up as Jim Carrey's 'The Mask'.

She also uses her birthday as an excuse to dress up. Past costumes have included a George Michael impersonation and a recreation of Rose from 'Titanic'.


There was also that time she disguised herself to look like an impersonator of herself, fooling everyone.


Last January, she dressed up as country music star Dolly Parton.


Now the 'Someone Like You' singer has made herself up to look like another country legend - June Carter Cash.

She took to Instagram again to share her latest look.


The occasion for her dressing up isn't specified. Then again, if you look this good in costume, do you really need an excuse?