It's not every wedding photo you see that features the star of 'Happy Gilmore' and 'The Wedding Singer' in the background, but here we are nonetheless.

A moustachioed Adam Sandler appeared in a couple's wedding photo album in Montreal by accident and, sure enough, was happy enough to get in and pose for a few shots. As husband Kevin Goldstein told BBC, Sandler "came over and wished us well, he was just chatting to us."

"We told him we're huge fans, we love his work, we've watched all his films. He replied, 'Good, I'll take some photos then - mazel tov!' My wife invited him to the wedding - he couldn't make it, but she was ecstatic, absolutely over the moon. We couldn't believe it."

The images originally appeared on Reddit, but have since been posted to Twitter and done the rounds online over the weekend.

Take a look.