Very often, voting in a local or general election can often be a case of voting for the lesser of two or three evils or, in other cases, refusing your civic duty entirely because there's no candidate worth voting for.

However, in the Canadian town of St. John's in Newfoundland and Labrador, one candidate is giving his opponents a ruff time of it. Finn, an Australian Cattle dog, is running for mayor and has a number of key policy issues that he wants to take a bite out of. One of his biggest problems, according to his campaign manager / owner Glenn Redmond, is potholes. "He's an avid walker, and these are certainly things that (would be) concerns for him," explained Redmond in an interview with CBC.

Unfortunately, despite a wave of public support behind him, it's now unlikely that Finn will be taken as a viable candidate for the election. Finn's owner merely added his dog's name to the ballot to raise awareness for snow clearing and potholes.

Still, wouldn't you vote for this guy? Here's his interview with CBC.