We’ve all done it at some point, either looking at the tele, in a cinema, or sat down at a theatre. Who among us hasn’t looked a production of some sort and thought, I could have a go of that acting malarkey, sure it can’t be all that hard.

Well, it probably is, that’s why they have school for it. And, considering most of us can’t speak Irish after 13 years of studying it, it’s fairly unlikely that you can just turn up and be a good actor.

But still, it’s not too late to see for yourself, because the Gaiety School of Acting has just launched its new season of programmes, giving you the chance to study the same stuff that Colin Farrell, Olivia Wilde, Colin O’Donoghue and Aidan Turner have all used to get where they are.

Nobody’s promising you a budding Hollywood career here, but if you want to catch the acting bug, or improve your speech, singing, confidence, and a whole heap of other things we can’t fit in a list, why not try some of the school’s new part-time and short/weekend courses.

The Temple Bar school will be running a Radio Presentation workshop along with a Long Form Improv class, and if that’s not enough for you jokers, there’s actually a clown class now too, although it’s going under the title of Commedia dell’Arte. If it’s French, you know it’s good.

Those down the country won’t be left out though, if that’s what you’re thinking. No, all the fun isn’t being left up in the Pale, as the Cork school in The Granary Theatre will be running a Musical Theatre for Adults course along with it’s regular programmes, and the Young Gaiety Saturday School will be operating outside of the two headquarters in Navan, Bray, and Malahide through the year.

Patrick Sutton, Director of the Gaiety School, encourages anyone interested to try the new Autumn schedule. “Whether you are looking to build your confidence, enhance your media skills, have a laugh, or make people laugh, we have something for you”.

And what better way to dip your toe into the daunting waters of performance than by trying some of the free classes the school is running, starting with some free workshops tomorrow for Culture Night 2014. Christ, sure you've got no excuse not to try it now.