The star, who played Screech in hit '90s show Saved by the Bell, was arrested after a bar fight on Christmas Day. 

Police in Port Washington near Milwaukee arrested Dustin Diamond earlier this week after they were called to the scene of a bar fight on Christmas Day. Diamond and his fiancée had attended several bars on the night, but things got heated in an altercation at the Grand Avenue Saloon where a fight broke out between the couple, two men, and another woman.

In the ensuing altercation, it was claimed that Diamond had stabbed one of the men. When police arrived to the scene and tracked down Diamond in his car, he told police that the weapon he had used was a "pen", but after searching the vehicle they found a knife covered in what appeared to be blood.

He later admitted that he had been trying to defend his fiancee, and stabbed the man near the armpit, although it seems that the victim is not seriously injured.

Diamond now faces charges of endangering safety, disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon, and his bail has been set at $10,000. He is due in court on December 29th for his next hearing.

Via The Independent