Jon Voight has pledged his support for US President Donald Trump and his fellow Republican Party members.

Actor Jon Voight, known for his roles in TV shows such as '24' and 'Ray Donovan', and movies such as 'Zoolander' and 'Mission Impossible' has made his political allegiances quite clear. Again.

Having already been involved in a spat against Robert DeNiro in the past, who has very vocally condemned Trump, Voight has now made things all the worse for himself. And we're quite excited to see how the rest of Hollywood reacts to his endorsement this time around.

Uploading two down-the-barrel videos to his Twitter account, the actor makes various sweeping statements such as the Left's "absurd words of destruction" and - yes you're reading this right -  "President Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln."

See the videos entitled 'To my fellow Americans' for yourself below.


Many Twitter users have seen Voight's recent uploads, and it's fair to say that many are inclined to disagree with his statements.


However, all the more terrifyingly, there are also those that agree.