A group of campaigners in London have drawn inspiration from the multi Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri to deliver a powerful message about the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 71 people in June 2017.

The film sees Mildred Hayes, played by Frances McDormand, rent out three billboards to post a message to the police, demanding justice for the rape and murder of her daughter. In the movie, the billboards read: "Raped while dying." "And still no arrests?" "How come, Chief Willoughby?"

Activists have similarly used three billboards, which are like the movie, in red with black, capitalised font, with a message that reads "71 dead" "and still no arrests?" "How come?"

Three trucks carrying the 14ft signs have been spotted all over London. They were parked outside the site of the Grenfell disaster for some time and also seen in front of the Houses of Parliament.

Justice4Grenfell spokesperson Yvette Williams spoke at a gathering of community members and survivors outside Grenfell: “The film that we are using as inspiration, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, highlights the power of advertising to bring about justice.

"We wanted to harness this power to remind people how little has been done since the tragic event shook this community, and the country, just over 8 months ago."

"These billboards are here because there have still been no arrests, hundreds of survivors remain homeless, and 297 other towers in the UK are still covered in flammable cladding," Williams continued.





Via Mashable