Every year a new Call of Duty title lands on the shelves to cause a buying frenzy and break more records, and this year appears to be no different.

No surprise there, of course, but it seems that the next installment in the franchise looks set to be a Black Ops game, after talk of a new teaser appeared online. 

While playing the most recent of the Black Ops games, YouTuber Drift0r found a number of graphics placed all over a number of levels that turned out to be Snapchat codes, so that users could add the new Call of Duty account on that platform. A nice touch, but they weren't finished there. 

When you add the account, you get a short video from the account that simply says "listen to the sound of my voice" over a series of images.

It appears to be a pretty smart viral marketing campaign, and there's likely to be a few more updates in the coming days that will help to clarify matters a bit.