We've all been there; you've been on the sesh til the morning after and then you have to push your shopping trolley soundsystem home because you can't get a taxi.

Two 'refreshed'-looking Dubliners were caught on camera doing just that, and the video has gone viral with over 280,000 views in four days, at time of writing.

It's since been revealed that they are members of Acid Granny, an extremely fun-looking and eclectic collective who play street gigs with aforementioned trolley. Or maybe they're just Acid Granny's mates, transporting the equipment elsewhere and having a bit of craic as they go. Sure you'd have to.

We're also 100% here for Acid Granny's mission statement, as documented on their Instagram page: "Deep mingers and bet-down Beats. We’re gonna be on the telly. If you see us on d street - Lad dances are €50. CDs are €5.  Just be Hoors."

All together now, on three: 'Smells greeeeeeaaaaat'.