That's an awful lot of courtin'-a-goin' on there.

The days of talking to someone face to face when you want to go out with them are long gone, it seems, as the popularity of dating app Tinder demonstrates, but it's not just those perverted people abroad in sinful foreign climbs that are on it, as it turns out the app is hugely popular here in Ireland too.

According to recent figures from IPSOS MRBI, the app had around 150,000 users in Ireland, which is still a big enough number, but the folks at Tinder have a wildly differing statistic that puts that stat firmly in the "slightly underestimated" category. Speaking to The Daily Edge, a representative for the company said that their user numbers were actually closer to 15% of the Irish population, and they mean the entire population. 

Doing some quick maths, that means that of the 4,832,765 people in Ireland (according to the last census) just under 725,000 of them are on the app, swiping right like mad yokes on a daily basis. Sure what happened to a good, strong handshake and a "how's she cuttin'?" down at the local céili? Are we so out of touch...? 

Via The Daily Edge