Yes, that is a completely valid statement both about how the Internet is reacting to US presidential politics and the candidates involved.

15-year old Brady Olson, who's registered as an Independent candidate under the name Deez Nuts, shot to fame a few days ago when he was listed in a news report poll that put him at 9% in North Carolina, just below Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

That report was picked up by several reputable news sites and, wouldn't you know it, Deez Nuts is now the word on everybody's lips. In fact, a recent study by Google Trends confirmed it.

Don't blame us, we voted for Kodos.

Deez Nuts, of course, will not be able to run for President because he's only 15 years old and only registered as a candidate. However, his recent endorsement of Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders has lent credence to Nuts' campaign.

Again, these are legit, genuine facts about the US Presidential Race in 2016.


Via Google