Well here's your creepy afternoon news story. Apparently Abercrombie & Fitch boss Michael Jeffries (who looks like this for the record), has a rule on his private jet that all male employees working as stewards (and they're all male models 'provided' for him) "present themselves clean shaven in a uniform of Abercrombie polo shirts, boxer briefs, jeans, flip-flops and gloves" which are part of his 'aircraft standards'. Ew. He also requires that the cabin music on flights home to be Phil Collins' Take Me Home as they take off. Double ew. All of this has come out in a lawsuit filed by a former pilot who claims he was fired only to be replaced by a younger model pilot.

Other rules of the flight include not being able to wear a coat unless it's less than 10 degrees Celsius, and specific seating arrangements depending on which dogs are on board. Seriously. The newest store in the chain and Ireland's first is set to open anytime now, where money-burning youths will be able to throw cash at models in exchange for overpriced hoodies, in turn supporting the creep factor. Jeffries should just go and hire John Travolta as his new pilot, I'm sure he'd fit right in.