After a fairly consistent drop in sales that has seen the retail brand begin to reassess their options, it looks like Abercrombie & Fitch are going to remove their logos from their clothing. 

Things have been on the down turn for Abercrombie & Fitch for the best part of two years, and after they reported their seventh quarterly loss, it seems that they're going to take some action. 

In a statement, they said that "we are confident that the evolution of our assortment will drive further improvements going forward, in particular as we move past the headwind of adverse likes in our logo business as we work to strategically reduce that element in our assortment."

While that's all very confusing, what with the using of big words and the like, Mashable confidently translate all that business-speak as a signal that they will be reducing the presence of the logo on their clothing and by Spring 2015, it should more or less be totally gone. The new line then will be much more plain and simple, as they attempt to win business back from competing retailers whose prices are significantly lower. 

It also seems that they plan to close at least 60 stores in the United States alone as a result of the losses, and that Hollister, another brand in the family, will also see the logos removed from their range. The plan is also to turn Hollister into a low price-point and fast fashion retailer, along the lines of H&M or Forever 21. 

Via Mashable