Newsflash: Aaron Carter gets beaten up in 'boyband turf war'. Bigger newsflash: Aaron Carter still performs?

Carter, younger brother of former Backstreet Boy Nick, says he was jumped by four men following having dinner with a friend in Boston, with one of them saying 'I heard you’re doing a show here tomorrow. This is the town of the New Kids' leading to a scuffle and some bruises for Carter, which he of course shared with the world via social media.

Now excuse us for being surprised, but apart from the fact that people give boybands 'turf', Aaron Carter is still touring and making music? Last time we saw him he was all sorts of weird on an MTV Cribs episode with Nick (who went down his own dark and twisty rabbit hole with Paris Hilton).

Anyway, Aaron also posted the following info on the nights events, saying 'I think my knuckles might be broken, but that's what they get. People think I'm a pretty little white boy but no way. I think I won. I'm still standing.' and seems to be asking questions of New Kids on the Block's Jordan Knight, captioning his bruised and battered photo with 'Eh @jordanKnight this one of your homies? He got his ass handed to him last night but his boys got me.. #Soldier'.

No word yet from Knight or Team New Kids, who are probably in as much shock as anyone that Carter is still relevant.