Cairo's International Garden municipal park has been accused of trying to pass a donkey off as a zebra by painting its coat in black and white stripes.

A Facebook post by Mahmoud Sarhan went viral after it showed Sarhan at the zoo, standing next to the alleged zebra which clearly had smudged paint on its coat from the hot weather and a white snout, not to mention having long ears - something a real zebra doesn't have.

Sarhan's post went global, with vets confirming from his post that it was indeed a donkey and that it most likely had its mane trimmed to resemble that of a zebra, as well as the poorly executed paint-job. The zoo's director, however, insisted on local Egyptian radio station Nogoum FM that the zebra wasn't a fake.

Just for clarity's sake, here's the image in question posted on Mahmoud Sarhan's Facebook...

And here's a picture from Wikipedia of a zebra. Looks pretty clear to us that this zoo is trying to make an ass out of people. RIMSHOT.