Paris Hilton is a walking target, there's little challenge in taking the mick out of her. It seems slightly superfluous when she does a grand job by herself. That's no reason to stop, however, so here's a countdown of her happenings this week.

In at number 4, we have a lyric from one of the songs featured on her upcoming album and her new show My BFF. It is called BFF and goes a little like this: "All my life I've been waiting for someone I can trust, someone who will tell me the truth - even when it's the hard thing to say." Poor Paris. Other songs on the album, which are less brooding but just as self-obsessed, include Platinum Blonde, Paris for President and (a personal favourite) Jailhouse Baby...

Number 3 is sadly devoid of a Paris quote, she was too busy shopping to furnish us with one. Seemingly Tuesday saw her spend nearly £15k during a four hour shopping spree in LA.

At number 2, we have her comments regarding her ex-boyfriend Travis Barker and DJ AM's plane crash: "I couldn't believe it… I'm scared to go on small airplanes now. Sometime in Vegas, I've been on that sort of plane and now I'll never go on one again." Learjet's loss is the environment's gain… assuming she doesn't start insisting on a private Boeing to taxi her down the strip.

And taking this week's coveted number 1 spot - another album related quote (remember, it's out soon!): "I was really inspired by Kylie Minogue. I love her; I just love that European dance vibe."