Our heatwave might be over - at least for now - but in the UK and the rest of Europe it continues to rage on, so it comes as little surprise that the weather is a hot topic (err.. pun intended) right now.

However, one guest on BBC News got more than he bargained for when he was asked to contribute to a segment on the record temperatures currently being experienced.

Climate scientist, Dr. Mark McCarthy, can be seen on-screen looking a bit wobbly when he began talking about the 'State of the Climate' report, saying: "Umm, yeah... so one thing this report is looking at is our climate over the last hundred years or more, and one thing that we're seeing is, um.. erm... sorry, excuse me."

He then disappeared off camera and when asked by the host if he was okay, he replied: "Yes, I've, err..."

It's no Wendy Williams, true, but close.

Watch it below: