An Icelandic geophysicist thinks a volcano in Iceland could be getting ready to erupt again.

Hekla, a volcano in southern Iceland, used to erupt regularly over the past century but it hasn't been heard from since a small eruption in 2000 when it spewed ash for nearly two weeks.

“Hekla is a dangerous volcano,” said Páll Einarsson, a professor at the University of Iceland. “We could be looking at a major disaster when the next eruption begins if we are not careful.”

Einarsson thinks pressure indicators on the volcano are higher than they've been before the last two eruptions, in 2000 and 1991. Hekla is around 70 miles to the east of the capital Reykjavik, where over a third of the country's population live so any potential eruptions could badly affect the city. 

Via Atlas Obscura