In the world of professional wrestling (or 'sports entertainment' as they'd have you call it now), there are few more enduring legacies than the Undertaker's winning streak at the biggest annual show on the wrestling calendar - Wrestlemania. 

The Undertaker's unbeaten run at Wrestlemania stood at 21-0 and stretched back more than two decades when he stepped into the ring against former UFC champion (and legit tough guy) Brock Lesnar. There was no reason to think that any of this was going to change, either. The bookies had Lesnar as a 66/1 underdog. It was supposed to be a foregone conclusion, right?

That's what an unnamed WWE fan from from the UK thought, anyway. In what was, at least according to him, a 'sure thing', he bet his entire life savings - a sum of more than £35,000 - on the Undertaker winning. He stood to win little more than £500 but, hey, it was free money. Well, as any professional wrestling fan reading this will attest, it didn't turn out like that.

Brock Lensar was awarded the victory, breaking both the Undertaker's winning streak and the heart of our gambling hero. 

Let this be a warning: don't bet on predetermined sports, people!