I bet Amy Winehouse got the shock of her life last week when Norwegian Police reefed (gerrit?!) her into the station merely on the grounds of suspected drug possession. Meanwhile, back in Blighty, her mate Pete Doherty was being excused from a court date so he could play a gig... Is it any wonder that Britain's rock elite are in tatters when their judicial system seems hell-bent on taking leniency to a new level? Before you fervently discuss this point with whoever happens to be nearby, I'll give you a bit of background on the Doherty story, or rather "a source" will; "The Babyshambles frontman was due to appear at London's Thames Magistrates court for a progress review following a drugs rehabilitation order, but Judge Jane McIvor adjourned the hearing until Wednesday, to allow him to attend a concert in Paris. Judge McIvor presided over several of Doherty's court appearances last year and once praised Doherty's song The Blinding, telling the court: 'It is a good tune'." On that basis alone, I believe Judge McIvor should be stripped of her wig as of immediately. What's the difference between that and letting a random street junkie skip out of the country to showcase his unique talent of warbling through a grill of blackened teeth? What message does this send the impressionable younglings? If you pen a ditty, some lady judge will let you off a future drugs-related court appearance? I could keep spewing a string of redundant questions, but I'll just leave you with the mother of all… why are these individuals (of which there are too many to mention) repeatedly allowed flout the law despite roaming around, zombie-like, in possession of drugs and often behind the wheel of a car? The answer is simple... and is in every magazine, every TV/radio news segment, fuels the internet and *coughs* paysmywages. It's tolerated because it makes us feel good about ourselves and validates our own vices. That, or Judge Jane McIvor has a teenager at home who doesn't acknowledge mummy's existence. Either way, it's time for those in positions of authority across America, Britain and our own fine land (yes, you who OK'd U2 to "bastardise the Dublin skyline"), to start actually playing parent and stop trying to be down with the kids.