Yesterday, Daniel O'Donnell said that he would be backing a 'Yes' vote in the upcoming referendum, which got people talking about him on Twitter. 

He told the Ray D'Arcy show on RTE Radio One that he can't think of a reason for voting 'No' because he can't see "what a Yes vote is going to do against anybody". That lead to one particular person sharing their story of a moment of incredible kindness from the Donegal man to a member of their family who met him in Dublin Airport about 18 months ago. 

The Sligo man, who wished to remain anonymous, tweeted out the story of what happened next, and it paints a picture of a kind and caring man.

Another woman also shared her story on Twitter about how O'Donnell regularly called to their home to visit her sister who is "his biggest fan", has stayed in contact with for the last 30 years (including sending her a Christmas card every year) and made sure to check up on her after she underwent a number of different surgeries, during an illness.

As Jim Sheridan points out on Twitter, it really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that O'Donnell is a thoroughly nice guy.

We're probably too early in putting him forward for a presidential run, but sure what harm. #DOD4Prez

Via The Daily Edge