Have, have, need...

This being a World Cup year, we have been struck with a desire to start collecting Panini stickers, just like the old days when we were kids, buying them for 23p a pack in the local newsagent. It’s not something we can easily explain, but for some reason we want to do it.

It seems like we’re not alone in that either, as a school teacher in Colombia is in a bit of hot water after he was caught stealing stickers from the kids to fill out his own album.

Well, perhaps stealing is a bit harsh, but he confiscated the stickers from the kids, who were swapping them in class instead of paying attention, and then was spotted in the staff room later filling his own album to completion with his ill-gotten gains.

According to Colombian news site El Espectador, a 13-year-old pupil went on radio stating that the teacher had claimed they were creating a marketplace of buying and swapping stickers that was "distracting them from their academic work" in school, so he took away their stickers.

The Department of Education in Bucaramanga, the city where the incident occurred, released no further details of identity or location of the school or the teacher, but said that they would be investigating.

Via The Guardian. Main pic via FIFA.com