Bike theft is something that seems to be on the increase, but one victim has gotten his own back on the person who stole his bike with this amazing note.

If you've ever had a bike stolen, you know that it's incredibly annoying. Sure, it could be worse and no one was hurt or anything, but still, you've lost your bike and now you have to find another way of getting around the place. 

One such victim, Aaron Rush, was stung recently by someone who stole his bike from the local train station near his office in Kings Langley, London, and while most people would be left annoyed and with nowhere to turn, Rush was rather more prepared than others. 

You see, he'd already had his bike stolen once before, so he decided to fit it with a tracking device, so now not only was the thief's face on CCTV at the station, but he also had their address. Still, he just wants his bike back, so he decided that he'd leave a note and give them a week to respond. 

Pic via BuzzFeed

Aaron promises that he won't take any action if the thief brings back his bike, but otherwise there will be some cops at the door. He signs off with the line "Have a good day!" adding that he is a "poor student with no money, but a working printer". Having recently been victims of bike theft ourselves, we wish we'd been smart enough to get a GPS tracker, so we'll be investing in one when we eventually replace our lost pride and joy. It's still too soon though...

Via Gawker