We did a little bit of maths on this screensaver stream, and the results are interesting.

At the time we checked the stream, there had been a total of 27,500 Wall Hits with just 49 Corner Hits. That means it only hit the corner, once in every 562 hits. The stream itself began on December 9th, so if we take it as five days, that means there were 5,509 hits per day.

Now, if we divide that 5,509 hits by 49, that means it only hit the corner 112 times a day. That equates to just 2% chance of a Corner Hit per day. That's how rare a Corner Hit is.

Let's look at some other stats. Right now, as of writing, 6,343 people are watching a stream of a DVD Screensaver. We've managed to get 140 words out of it.

Watch the stream below. It varies between hypnotic and unbearably tense.