Spanish civil servant, Joaquin Garcia has been fined a year's salary ($30,000) for not showing up to work for the past six years. 

The 69 year old was tasked with overseeing the construction of a waste treatment facility. However he claims he was bullied into a no man's land position where he wasn't actually required to do much work anyways so he decided to keep the ruse going. For six years.

He apparently did show up to work for brief periods of time but for the most part he spent a lot of his time during the six years becoming an expert on the Spanish philosopher, Spinoza. Hey who among us doesn't have weird hobbies?

Officials only learned of Garcia's situation when they wanted to commemorate him for twenty years of service - only to realise he wasn't exactly an active employee. 

So basically he was the exact opposite of the guy from Office Space who was fired but kept showing up to work for years unaware. 

Via Mashable