Some lads from a rock group called Sidonie were recently on a Ryanair flight to Santiago in Northern Spain and got so pissed off with the service, they wrote and recorded the most sarcastic song ever, mid flight. 

Now, by reading the lyric translation you'd think it was a ditty saying how much they loved the airline. Yep, sarcasm. 

The band wrote, "After receiving, repeatedly, the habitual lack of respect shown by flight attendants on the Ryanair route to Santiago, we were moved to compose and perform a song dedicated to them and their irritable airline."

Ryanair responded in typical Ryanair fashion. Spokesperson Robin Kiely saying, "Sidonie? More like sit down mate. The lyrics are average, the vocals out of tune, the ukulele playing leaves a lot to be desired and there isn't one trumpet."

Via The Daily Mail