If Scottish footballer Jordan Moore ever finds himself in Limerick again in the future, he should make sure to wear a rather convincing disguise as it's unlikely he'll be welcomed back with open arms.

The striker - who is currently club-less - has spoken about his three-month spell playing for Limerick FC in a new interview with Scottish newspaper the Daily Record, and let's just say that he wasn't exactly complimentary about the Treaty City.

The 22-year-old Moore painted quite an unflattering image of Limerick with comments like "They call the area Stab City. On every second lamp post there is a horse tied against it" and "There must be 20 horses in every street you walk down. Where we stayed it  was crazy. But if you tried to cut the horses loose then they would kill you – supposedly.

"The police came and moved all the horses away one day. The next, the guys who owned the horses, smashed every shop and put all their cows in the shops and in schools as well. The farmers who had cows in their fields put them in the shops, the Spars and supermarkets, for revenge. The police gave them all the horses back and told them to watch what they were doing."

He also described the village of Bruff, where he was staying, as "the weirdest village ever" where "there were more horses than cars", said the old convent that he stayed in was haunted by the ghost of a nun, and that he had to collect his wages from a burger van. Oh, and he found the cost of living expensive, where a box of Corn Flakes was "the equivalent of £5" (€6.30).

His comments have come under fire by various people, including the Mayor of Limerick Liam Galvin, who told The Irish Times: "It’s very disappointing. He calls Limerick stab city. Okay, there was a nickname on our city, but that is long gone.”