Donegal is headed to a galaxy far, far away and paying tribute to everyone's favourite underdog, R2D2.

Sinn Féin councillor Jack Murray proposed to Donegal County Council that the R242 at Malin Head be changed to honour the iconic 'Star Wars' character, R2D2. And rather surprisingly, the proposal has been approved.

Speaking to Highland Radio, Murray said "I suppose when you look at 'Games of Thrones' in Co Antrim... the benefits that they've reaped over there. 'Star Wars' is every bit as big as 'Games of Thrones' - so there's reason that we can't do the same as Inishowen. It's not imposing, it doesn't blight the landscape, it's not a permanent structure - it simply is one number being changed to a letter".


The name change is in anticipation of the 'May the 4th Be With You Festival' which is taking place in both county Kerry village, Portmagee and Donegal’s Inishowen Peninsula. Happening between May 3rd - 5th, the family friendly festival is set to have everything 'Star Wars' fans of young and old can enjoy.


So, there you have it. Maybe some other roads and towns in Ireland can get in on the fun as well? How about Prince's Street in Dublin be called Princess Leila Street? Or Tuam in county Galway be renamed... Tuambacca?