The most ridiculous, insane, baffling trend is sweeping Chinese social media platforms right now. It takes the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ to a whole other level.

The new trend originally began in Russia as the “falling stars” challenge and has now made its way to China.

The “flaunt your wealth challenge” sees people show off how rich they are by pretending they've fallen on the ground, spilling their material possessions around them.

The items span across phones, luxury bags, shoes, an assortment of make-up, and sometimes wads of cash. Typically the individuals are falling out of luxurious, high-end cars.

Reportedly, the trend was sparked last week when an influencer had a friend shoot a video of her falling out of a car onto a pedestrian crossing in Taizhou. The video picked up more than 50,000 views on video and attracted over a thousand comments. Local police later issued Ms Chen and her friend a small fine for parking illegally.

The Russian “falling stars” challenge began after a DJ posted a photo of himself pretending to fall out of a private jet on Instagram.

You can see images from the “flaunt your wealth” challenge below. There are also a number of posts that have been shared making fun of the challenge as soldiers, government staff, firefighters and students among others lie face down surrounded by service certificates, firefighting equipment and scattered documents.