You know how it goes - one minute, you're a casual-dining restaurant chain that serves Australian-themed food, the next you're forced to publicly deny that you are not part of a Satanic cult that is planning worldwide domination. Or something like that.

Those of you who have been to America - or, indeed, are reading this in America - will be familiar with Outback Steakhouse. They're fairly popular in the States, but in recent days, they've been drawn into a disturbing conspiracy theory surrounding the locations of said restaurants and Satanism.

Yes, really.

The locations of Outback Steakhouses in Indiana, New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Arizona were found to make up the shape of a pentagram, which is often associated with Satanism. The discovery, which was posted on Twitter, quickly gained traction. Since the initial post, the tweet itself has been retweeted 118,000 times in the space of a week.


The original tweet spawned a number of investigations with many people locating Outback Steakhouses in the shapes of pentagrams in their local area. In fact, the conspiracy theory got so bad that the Daily Dot had to call up the restaurant chain and find out why their restaurants were arranged in such a way.

Not surprisingly, Outback Steakhouse denied they were part of a Satanic cult and had no plans to enslave the United States, but rather to serve "to bring bold steaks and Bloomin’ Onions to our guests."

Bold steaks and Bloomin' Onion is a codeword for mind-control, people. They're here already.


Via Daily Dot