We all know people who insist upon documenting the minutiae of their lives via social media.

Whether it's sharing the finer details of their breakfast, filming themselves walking down the street or simply going overboard with oversharing, some people simply never seem to be off their phone.

This video, however, takes phone addiction to another level.

Pilot David Lesh was flying off the coast of San Francisco on Tuesday with his friend, when the engine of their small plane failed. They were forced to land in the water, and to say that they were lucky to escape with their lives is an understatement.

Luckily, another plane was flying above them - taking photos of Lesh's new plane, in fact, in a planned photoshoot - when they realised it had gone into the ocean and radioed for help.

Lesh then whipped out his phone to film the aftermath of the crash. His plane sinks in the background as he and his friend float in the water, waiting to be rescued. He sounds remarkably calm for someone who could have just died.

What's more, he continued filming as he was winched to safety by the Coast Guard. We'd love to know what they thought.

Lesh has since been accused of staging the crash, which he denies.