Jeyrick Sigmaton, a vegetable farmer from the Philippines, shot to fame in February when a picture of him carrying a basket of carrots went viral. 

People around the world were mesmerised by the photogenic 21 year old who was photographed by a passer by as he carried vegetables in the rural province from which he hails. An enthusiastic fan base was formed with the hashtag (#carrotman) to go along with it. 

Now it appears that local clothes retailer Boardwalk have recruited Sigmaton as their new face. They posted this teaser image on their Instagram two days ago. Most fans of Sigmaton were able to identify him because of the carrots on his shoulder sleeve. 


Can you all guess the man under the hood? Comment your answers below! Good luck, everyone! #Boardwalk25 #ChooseYourStyle

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Then the next day they made a full reveal. 

 #carrotman is not just a local phenomenon it seems with Sigmaton using Facebook to reach out to his fans in Belgium.


And even Taiwan and Israel. 

Via Mashable