Take a back seat, deep fried Mars bar, you've been usurped.

Leave it to America to invent the most delicious and probably life-shortening dessert in history. Robicellis, a bakery in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, last week unveiled their latest invention the 'Nutelasagna'. Yes, a lasagne made of Nutella.

Before you go worrying that this is a Rachel Green Beef Trifle special, fear not, this is an all-sugar dessert to clog your arteries but make you die happy kind of treat.

Made up of Nutella, cannoli custard, hazelnuts, chocolate and homemade marshmallows and buttery lasagne noodles, the Nutelasagna has predictably sent New Yorkers into overdrive, with the bakery selling out of not only their new creation but everything else they make every day since they first offered it up.

Someone get this to our faces immediately.