Irish men are a lot more vain than they'll ever admit to according to a new survey. 

The study, conducted by Gillette found that Irish guys check themselves out in the mirror five times a day but that number increases to eight when you include other reflective surfaces such as such as windows and glass doors. 

They're also not afraid to seek professional help when it comes to looking their best, as the survey also revealed that 14% get facials and 12% wax their eyebrows once a month. 

It's their partners that have the final say in these matters though with 22% admitting that their partners' seal of approval on their style choices is crucial. 

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these findings about Irish men's vanity is that they aren't afraid to tell people about it. 75% of those surveyed admitted that they wouldn't be embarrassed to tell their friends that they've had a wax. 

The research was commissioned in order to discover the lengths Irish guys go to when they want to look and feel their best. 2,000 men were sampled across Ireland and the UK.